Elk Hunting Mongolia: A Complete Guide

Mongolia, a land of boundless wonders and vast landscapes, is a premier destination for hunting enthusiasts worldwide. This beautiful country, steeped in rich history and culture, offers some of the most thrilling and unique hunting experiences.

Brown Elk Standing on Grassland in Mongolia

From the endless steppes to the majestic Altai Mountains, Mongolia’s diverse terrain is home to a wide array of species, including the coveted Mongolia elk. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about elk hunting in Mongolia and other popular hunts, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.

The Allure of Mongolia Elk Hunting

Mongolia elk, known locally as maral stag, are among the most sought-after trophies for hunters visiting Mongolia. These magnificent animals, with their impressive antlers and robust size, roam the forests and meadows of western Mongolia. The experience of hunting these elk is enhanced by the stunning backdrop of the Altai Mountains and the Hangai Mountains, where these hunts typically occur.

Mongolia Elk on Green Grass during Daytime

Hunting Areas and Seasons

Mongolia’s diverse geography provides various hunting areas, each offering unique challenges and rewards. The Altai Mountains, in particular, are renowned for their large populations of game animals, including elk, ibex, and argali.

The hunting season for Mongolia elk generally runs from late August to early October, providing optimal conditions and high success rates. For those interested in other species, such as the Altai ibex, Gobi ibex, and various argali species, the seasons may vary, so it’s crucial to plan your trip according to the specific hunting dates for each species.

Preparing for Your Hunting Trip

Necessary Paperwork and Permissions

Before embarking on your hunting adventure, it is essential to secure all necessary paperwork and hunting permissions. The Mongolian Ministry of Environment and Tourism regulates hunting activities to ensure sustainable practices.

Hunters must obtain permits for the specific species they intend to hunt, and these permits should be arranged well in advance of the hunting dates. Additionally, transit visas are required for entry into Mongolia, and it’s advisable to apply for these visas prior to your departure.

Travel Arrangements

Travel arrangements to Mongolia can be made through various international flights, with San Francisco and other major cities offering connections.

Upon arrival in Mongolia, domestic transportation options, including land transportation and charter flights, can take you to your designated hunting areas. It’s recommended to coordinate with your outfitter for smooth travel logistics.

The Hunting Experience

Hunting Methods

The primary hunting method used in Mongolia is the spot and stalk method. This approach involves spotting the game from a distance using binoculars or a spotting scope and then stalking closer for a precise shot.

This method is particularly effective in the vast, open landscapes of Mongolia, where large concentrations of game animals can be observed.


Hunting camps in Mongolia range from basic to luxurious, providing comfortable accommodations amidst the wilderness. These camps are strategically located near prime hunting areas, allowing hunters to maximize their time in the field. Camp accommodations typically include tents or yurts, with essential amenities to ensure a pleasant stay.

Popular Hunts in Mongolia

Altai Argali Hunt

The Altai argali, the world’s largest wild sheep, is a prized trophy for hunters. The Altai argali hunt is a challenging and rewarding experience, set against the rugged terrain of the Altai Mountains. These hunts require physical endurance and patience, as hunters may need to navigate steep slopes and rocky outcrops to find these elusive animals.

Gobi Argali Hunt

The Gobi argali, another magnificent wild sheep species, is found in the Gobi Desert. The Gobi argali hunt offers a unique experience, with the stark beauty of the desert landscape providing a dramatic backdrop. Hunters should be prepared for extreme temperatures and vast distances, making this hunt both physically and mentally demanding.

Altai Ibex Hunt

The Altai ibex is known for its impressive horns and agile nature. The Altai ibex hunt takes place in the high-altitude regions of the Altai Mountains, where hunters must traverse challenging terrain to locate these animals. This hunt is ideal for those seeking an adventurous and physically demanding hunting experience.

Gobi Ibex Hunt

The Gobi ibex, found in the rocky outcrops of the Gobi Desert, presents a different set of challenges. The Gobi ibex hunt requires hunters to navigate the harsh desert environment, using their skills and endurance to succeed. This hunt offers a unique blend of excitement and difficulty, making it a popular choice among experienced hunters.

Other Notable Species

In addition to elk, ibex, and argali, Mongolia is home to a variety of other species that attract hunters from around the world. These include the Siberian roe deer, known for their distinctive antlers, and the elusive snow leopards, which are protected and not hunted but add to the mystique of the region. Mongolia’s wildlife also includes wild horses, which roam the steppes and add to the country’s rich biodiversity.

The Hunting Community and Culture

Mongolia’s hunting community is characterized by warm traditions and a deep respect for nature. Hunters visiting Mongolia often experience boundless wonders, from the hospitality of the local people to the breathtaking landscapes. The experience of hunting in Mongolia is not just about the pursuit of game but also about immersing oneself in the country’s culture and natural beauty.


Mongolia hunting offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking adventure, challenge, and the thrill of the hunt. From the majestic Mongolia elk to the rugged Altai ibex, the variety of species and the breathtaking landscapes create a hunting experience like no other.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a newcomer, Mongolia’s boundless wonders and rich traditions provide a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable hunting trip. So pack your warm attire, prepare your spotting scope, and get ready to embark on a hunting adventure in one of the world’s most fascinating countries.


The Altai Mountains, Hangai Mountains, and Gobi Desert are among the most popular hunting areas in Mongolia.

Mongolia offers hunting for species such as Mongolia elk, Altai ibex, Gobi ibex, Altai argali, Gobi argali, and Siberian roe deer.

The hunting season varies by species, with elk hunting typically from late August to early October.

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