Mongolian fish – Mongolia, known for its vast steppes and rugged landscapes, might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of fishing.

You know, Mongolia might not be the first place you’d think of for fishing, but it’s got a whole bunch of fish, and they’re specially suited to its waters.

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1. Taimen (Hucho taimen)

The Taimen is often referred to as the “River Wolf” due to its size and predatory nature. So, this fish, the Taimen, is like the biggest salmonid on the planet, and it can grow longer than six feet.

You’ll spot them in lots of rivers and lakes in Mongolia. They’re pretty easy to spot with their dark spots and wide, flat heads. People from all over the world love coming to Mongolia just to try and catch one of these amazing fish.

2. Lenok (Brachymystax lenok)

Lenok, a member of the salmon family, is another fish commonly found in Mongolian waters. These fish are known for their really cool and striking appearance.

They’ve got a shiny gold color with bright red marks on their bodies. Lenok primarily inhabit the rivers and streams of Mongolia and are a popular catch among local and visiting anglers.

3. Grayling (Thymallus)

The Arctic Grayling is another noteworthy inhabitant of Mongolian waters. These fish are pretty and slim, and they have this really cool fin on their back that’s all shiny and colorful.

You can find these fish in lots of rivers and streams in Mongolia, and if you like fly-fishing, they’re a true joy to catch.

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4. Amur Pike (Esox reichertii)

The Amur Pike, also known as the Asian Pike, is a formidable predator in Mongolian waters. These fish can get quite large, with some even growing longer than three feet. 

Anglers targeting Amur Pike often use heavy gear due to their aggressive nature and sharp teeth. Finding these fish in the rivers and lakes of Mongolia can be a super exciting adventure.

5. Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii)

Mongolia’s rivers and lakes also host the Siberian Sturgeon, which is prized for its caviar. These really old fish can stick around for many decades and get pretty big. 

Due to the conservation efforts in recent years, they are now a protected species. Folks who love fishing are told to catch these amazing creatures and then let them go, all to help keep their numbers up.

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6. Perch (Perca)

Mongolia’s water bodies are also home to the European Perch, a popular sport fish.

You can often come across these little, colorful fish in the lakes and rivers, and they make for a fun catch for people who love fishing. They are known for their distinctive striped appearance and voracious appetite.

7. Burbot (Lota lota)

The Burbot, sometimes referred to as the “Ling,” is a unique fish that thrives in the cold, deep waters of Mongolian lakes and rivers.

It is known for its elongated body and distinctive, chin-like barbel. Anglers often encounter Burbot during ice fishing expeditions, as these fish are most active in colder temperatures.

In Mongolia, fishing is not just a recreational activity; it’s a way to connect with the serene beauty of nature and discover the hidden gems within its waters.

Whether you are a passionate angler or a nature enthusiast, exploring the Mongolian fish and their diverse types can be an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion

Mongolia’s diverse aquatic ecosystems provide a home to a wide range of fish species, each with its unique characteristics and appeal.

From the mighty Taimen to the delicate Grayling, these fish add to the rich biodiversity of the country.

Mongolian ice fishing

So, if you ever find yourself in the heart of Mongolia, consider casting a line into its pristine waters for a chance to connect with these remarkable fish and experience the magic of fishing in this enchanting land.

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