What is inside a Mongolian yurt?

What is inside a Mongolian yurt? So it is typically spare, with few furnishings other than sleeping mats and low tables. There may be a central fire pit for heating and cooking, and in some cases a raised platform for use as a bed or seating area.

The walls are often decorated with colorful hangings and rugs. Mongolian Yurts can be adapted to a wide range of climates and are used both as permanent homes and as temporary shelters.

In colder climates, yurts may be insulated with felt or other materials to help keep them warm.

What does a Mongolian yurt look like inside?

yurt inside

Here is an advanced list of things that are inside the ger usually. Know better what does a Mongolian yurt look like inside?

  • Stove fireplace
  • Chests
  • Beds
  • Table and chairs
  • Kitchen
  • Freezer
  • Sink
  • Where is the bathroom in a ger?

Stove Fireplace: The stove fireplace is the center of the home and is used for both heating and cooking. The fire is built in a special stove that has a hole in the top for ventilation. This is How are Mongolian yurts heated.

Mongolians Believe their stove of fire as the heart of the home. So be careful if you traveling to Mongolia.

Chests: These are used for storing the most valuable items and other belongings. So chest is sacred things that Mongolian believe too.

IMG 7458

Beds: Beds are typically low platforms or mattresses placed on the both sides.

Table and Chairs: A small table and chairs are usually provided for dining or working.

Kitchen: The kitchen is typically a small area near the stove with shelves for storing dishes and food. In some yurts, there may also be an extra small yurt. That Yurt can be served in Kitchen too.

Freezer: In ancient times there is no freezer in the Yurt. No freezer how they kept their meat and held it fresh? Find out this link /Mongolian national food Borts/. A freezer is often included in the kitchen area for storing meat and other perishables.

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Sink: A sink is sometimes included in the kitchen area for washing dishes. In some yurts, there is also an outdoor sink.

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Where is the bathroom in a ger?

The bathroom is usually a small room or area near the back of the yurt. In some yurts, there is also an outdoor bathroom. But Mongolian yurt have no toilet inside.

You can make toilet anywhere you want but most of people make it outside of the yurt. Because it is easy to clean and no smell inside the yurt.

Sacred items inside the Ger & Yurt

And the Mongolian people believe these things must be on ger because it’s sacred items for them.

  • Morih khuur traditional instrument
  • Saddle
  • Chest
  • Crucible of Ferment milk drink
  • Family pictures

Morin Khuur: The Morin khuur is a traditional Mongolian instrument that is often placed in the home as a symbol of good luck. Morin Khuur is a very special item for Mongolians. Because it is made by horse mane tail and it’s only two string.

If you learn more about Morin khuur history check this link.

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Saddle: The saddle is also a sacred item in the Mongolian culture and is often placed in the home as a sign of good fortune. Mongolians are very respectful to horses. As you know The Mongolian empire was built by horses.

Mongolian horse saddle

Chest: The chest is another important item in the Mongolian home and is often used for storing the most valuable items.

Crucible of Ferment: The cruse of ferment is a special drink made from fermented milk that is often placed in the home as a sign of good health.


Traditional Mongolian alcohol /Airag/ that you can drink only in summer time, especially on July, August, and September.

Family pictures: Family pictures are also often placed in the home as a sign of love and respect for the family.

What does a ger look like?

A Mongolian ger is a round, portable home that is covered with felt or other materials. The walls are usually made of wood or metal, and the roof is made of felt or thatch. The door is typically located in the front of the ger, and there may be windows on the sides.

Mongolian ger

How to build Mongolian ger?

Mongolian gers have several different parts, including the crown wheel /toono/, walls, pillars, rafters, door, and felt covering. Each part serves a specific purpose in supporting the structure of the ger and keeping out the weather.

Mongolian ger structure:

  • crown wheel /toono/,
  • walls
  • pillars
  • rafters
  • door
  • felt covering
  • Urkh outer cover
  • Wooden floor

The crown wheel /toono/: The crown wheel is a wooden or metal ring that is placed at the top of the ger to help support the walls and roof.

Walls /khana/: The walls of a Mongolian ger are typically made of wood or metal and are covered with felt or other materials.

Pillars /bagana/: The pillars are the supports that hold up the roof of the ger.

Rafters /Uni/: The rafters are the beams that support the roof of the ger.

Door: The door is typically located in the front of the ger and may be made of wood, metal, or felt.

Felt covering: The felt covering is placed over the roof of the ger to help keep out the weather. It is made from sheep or goat felt.

Urkh: It is piece of felt that is cut out. Purpose is cover for crown wheel during rain, or sunlight etc.

Wooden floor:

We don’t use it in summer. Set up Ger on the grass. If you need a floor it’s optional choice for you.

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