Birds of mongolia field guide – About 10,000 species of birds have been recorded in the world.

They are distributed in all regions of the world, including hot, cool, cold, polar regions and seas, and there are types adapted to their environment.

Bird populations increase from the north and south poles closer to the equator due to food and climatic conditions.

That’s why many species of birds migrate. Birds are highly developed animals and have many amazing adaptations for flight.

There are about 460 species of birds in Mongolia, both migratory and resident. So, let’s introduce 6 types of birds in this article.

Mongolian birds

1. Saker Falcon

Our journey begins with the Saker Falcon, a true symbol of Mongolian skies. With its wings outstretched and keen eyes fixed on its prey, the Saker Falcon is an impressive raptor that graces the open expanses of the country.

This bird of prey embodies the spirit of the nomadic Mongolian culture, where freedom and resilience soar high.

Saker falcon

2. Mongolian Lark

Now, let’s tune into the melodious song of the Mongolian Lark. Found across the vast steppes, these little songsters create a symphony that resonates with the rhythm of nomadic life.

Their cheerful chirps fill the air, providing a delightful soundtrack to the wide-open spaces of Mongolia.


3. Altai Snowcock

Venture into the high-altitude regions, and you might catch a glimpse of the Altai Snowcock.

This elusive bird, with its pristine white plumage, blends seamlessly with the snow-covered landscapes of the Altai Mountains.

Consider yourself fortunate if you spot one; their secretive nature adds an element of mystery to our bird-watching escapade.


4. Demoiselle Crane

As we approach the waterways, the Demoiselle Crane takes center stage. Known for their elegance and intricate courtship dances, these cranes add a touch of grace to Mongolia’s wetlands.

Watching them perform their dance is a spectacle that captures the essence of natural beauty.

Demoiselle Crane

5. Pallas’s Sandgrouse

Our journey wouldn’t be complete without a dash of color, courtesy of the Pallas’s Sandgrouse.

With vibrant plumage and a distinctive call, these birds bring life to the arid landscapes of Mongolia.

Spotting a flock of Pallas’s Sandgrouse is like stumbling upon a living watercolor painting in the midst of the desert.

Pallas's Sandgrouse

6. Mongolian Ground Jay

Now, let’s turn our attention to the charismatic Mongolian Ground Jay. With its playful antics and inquisitive nature, this bird adds a touch of charm to the rocky terrain.

Keep an eye out for their lively interactions; they’re sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Conclusion: A Symphony of Feathers in the Mongolian Skies

As we close our “Birds of Mongolia Field Guide” adventure, we’ve merely scratched the surface of the avian wonders that call this vast land home.

From the regal Saker Falcon to the whimsical Mongolian Ground Jay, Mongolia’s skies are a stage for a diverse and captivating cast of feathered performers.

So, whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or just someone curious about the natural beauty of Mongolia, grab your binoculars, flip through the pages of this field guide, and let the avian exploration begin.

In the land of the eternal blue sky, every flap of a wing tells a story, and every chirp is a note in the symphony of Mongolia’s remarkable birdlife.

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