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Gobi Desert tour, that my husband and my brother and his wife took with with us, was amazing! Our guide, Bataa, was knowledgeable, flexible and engaging and he ensured that everyone was taken care of. He suggested activities for us that added value to the trip. I have traveled a lot and this was one of the best tours that I have ever taken.
”Mac Maggy”
from United States

I had a great experience

Gobi Desert Tour Highly recommended It was an amazing experience. Everything I wanted to see and I wanted to photograph were covered. Especially my trip to Khongor els was an eye opener about Nomadic life culture and experience!
from Canada

다음에 또 봐요!

소규모 인원으로 알차게 여행했어요. 역사적인 지식이 풍부하셔서 몽골에 대해 몰랐던 거 많이 배웠구요
비가 와서 날씨가 좀 흐렸는데, 유연하게 일정 변경하시며 대처해주셔서 정말 즐거운 여행이 되었어요. 다음에 또 방문하게 된다면 6박 일정 투어도 하고 싶어요
”Kim Yong Jong”
from Korea

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