A ger camp in Mongolia is like a home away from home, Mongolian style. Picture yourself on a vast, open Mongolian steppe, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, with no big buildings or bustling cities in sight.

This is where ger camps come into the picture. A “ger” is a traditional, portable, and round-shaped dwelling made of wood and felt, similar to what you might call a yurt in other parts of the world.

A ger is not your regular tent; it’s a comfy, strong, and super useful shelter that Mongolian nomads have used for hundreds of years.

What is the ger camp?

Now, let’s talk about what a ger camp is. It’s like a little village made up of these gers. When you visit a ger camp in Mongolia, you get to experience the unique nomadic way of life that’s been passed down through generations.

Inside these gers, you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The inside of a ger is really cozy and inviting. Inside, you’ll see lovely fabrics, rugs, and a cozy stove in the middle.

ger inside 1

It’s just what you need to stay warm and comfy, especially when Mongolia’s winters get chilly. These gers are like a snug oasis in the midst of the wild Mongolian landscapes.

But it’s not just about the gers themselves. It’s the whole community aspect that makes ger camps special. You’ll get to know some lovely Mongolian hosts who’ll make you feel like part of their family.

They’ll share their stories, introduce you to their culture, and serve up scrumptious homemade meals.

Interesting activities

In most ger camps, there are fun things to do like riding horses, going for hikes, and even trying your hand at archery, a favorite Mongolian activity.

You can step outside, savor the awe-inspiring views, hop on a horse and ride through the never-ending grassy fields, all while enjoying the stunning scenery. It’s like a paradise for nature enthusiasts. And at night, the sky is simply otherworldly.

The lack of city lights means that you’ll see more stars than you ever thought possible. Imagine sitting by the campfire, sipping on some Mongolian tea, and gazing up at the sparkling sky.

ger outside 1

Mongolian cuisine

In terms of the food, you’ll get to enjoy traditional Mongolian dishes. It’s hearty and delicious, with meat, dairy, and staple foods like buuz (dumplings) and khuushuur (fried meat pastry). If you’re a fan of great food, you’re in for a tasty treat.

mongol cuisine 1

A ger camp in Mongolia isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a chance to fully embrace Mongolian culture, connect with nature, and escape the busy city life.

It’s an opportunity to experience the simple and beautiful life on the vast Mongolian plains.

In conclusion

A ger camp in Mongolia is like a gateway to a world of wonder. It’s a chance to live like a nomad for a while, to be enveloped by the warmth of Mongolian hospitality, and to be amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds you.

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It’s a unique and unforgettable adventure that offers a deeper connection to the land and its people. So, if you ever find yourself in Mongolia, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of a ger camp.

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