History Of Mongolia

Mongolian history is full of great surprises. It begins at Modun Shanyu in 209 BC. He was the first great Khan of Mongolia and united the warring Mongol tribes under his rule. Then in 1206, Chinggis Khan (also known as Genghis Khan) founded the Mongol Empire, the largest empire in history.

At its height, the Mongol Empire stretched from Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia and included nearly a quarter of the world’s landmass and population. We are a nomadic people who depended on their herds of animals for their livelihood. We are expert horsemen and warriors and used our military skills to expand our empire. Under Chinggis Khan’s rule, the Mongols were united and able to conquer many lands.

The Mongol Empire was eventually dissolved by Chinggis Khan’s grandson, Kublai Khan, who established the Yuan dynasty in China. However, the legacy of the Mongol Empire lives on in the modern nation of Mongolia. Today, Mongolia is a peaceful and prosperous country that is proud of its rich history and cultural heritage.

hunnu empire

The Legacy of the Hunnu Empire in Mongolia

The Hunnu (Xiongnu) Empire’s connection to Mongolia is deeply rooted in the empire’s origin, territorial expanse, and cultural legacy. This nomadic confederation, which emerged around…