Mongolian Ger Structure

Mongolian gers, or yurts, are portable dwellings that have been used for centuries by the nomadic people of Mongolia. A ger is constructed from a wooden frame that is covered in felt, and it typically has one rooms.

The interior of a ger is often very cozy, with brightly colored rugs and furniture, and it can be quite comfortable even in cold weather.

One interesting feature of a Mongolian ger is the smoke hole in the roof. This hole allows the smoke from the stove fire pit in the center of the ger to escape, and it also provides ventilation. The smoke hole is often decorated with a colorful piece of cloth or a metal ring.

What are the pros and cons of living in a yurt?

The ger structure can be dismantled and reassembled quickly, which has been handy for a nomadic people.

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List of key materials:

The crown wheel /toono/, walls, pillars, rafters, door, and felt covering, urkh are all components of a Mongolian gers. Each component plays an important role in the ger’s structural integrity and weather protection.

Here is Traditional Mongolian Ger structure:

  • crown wheel /toono/,
  • walls
  • pillars
  • rafters
  • door
  • felt covering
  • Urkh, outer cover
  • Wooden floor

Crown wheel

The crown wheel is a wooden or metal ring that sits atop the ger to assist support the walls and roof. And it helps to get light into the Ger.

If you have a fire stove in the ger, you can get out of smoke by helping to wheel the crown. Crown wheel can be opened or closed to regulate airflow.


When you are building a house, it is important to make sure that two main of pillars. This will help to keep the house from tilting or falling over due to natural forces. The height of the house is determined by the height of the pillars.


It symbolizes the sun’s rays. Rafters make the external shape of the house dome-like and can reducing wind power. The rafters are the beams that connect the top of the walls to the crown wheel.


The walls of a Mongolian ger are typically made of wood or metal. They are covered with felt or other materials.


The ger has several important features, the most important of which is the door. The door is always facing south, in order to receive the most sunlight.

It is important to have a door that can be closed tightly to keep out the cold wind. The door is usually made of wood, but can also be made of felt.

Felt covering

The framework of the ger is made of wood, and the walls are covered in white felt. The felt insulates against the extreme cold of the Mongolian winter.

The felt of the house wall is responsible for keeping the wall stable. After you cover it with felt, belt it three times using rope. 3 layer belt means Future, Present, Past time

Wooden Floor

A wooden floor can be made by choice. In Summer we can have a cooler wooden floor by using cork or bamboo. In winter we can have a warmer floor by using thicker wood or adding a layer of insulation.

Mongolian ger


The Urkh is a square-shaped piece of felt that is cut out. The size must match the crown wheel /toono. Urkh is to protect it from the sun, wind, snow, rain, dirt and glare, as well as adjust the amount of sunlight that hits the house.

modern style Urkh

If you interested in Modern style ger there can be extra build example:

Here is custom Ger structure

Mongolian ger structure

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