If you’re looking for an interesting and unique culture to explore, look no further than the Mongolian yurt. This ancient culture is full of fascinating traditions and costumes that are well worth learning more about.

Mongolian ger yurt

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the most interesting aspects of Mongolian yurt culture. We’ll also discuss why it’s such a rich and interesting culture worth exploring!

winter yurt in Mongolia

Mongolian Yurt customs:

  • We believe that is bad to quarrel with each other when you building a Ger.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take out empty dishes, ashes, and splashing water in front of any person who comes.
  • The housewife pours her tea with the right swirl.
  • A cup of tea will be served to an older man first, and fresh tea will be served to an outsider.
  • If you enter someone’s house and they are not at home, it is polite to wait for them. You must never step on the threshold when you leave.
  • The fire of the stove, which is the heart of the Ger, cannot be extinguished by force until it goes out by itself.
  • If water is poured into the fire of the home stove, the fire god will be enraged.
  • If milk is poured into the fire of the home stove, it is a bad movement don’t do this.
  • We believed that bad things will happen if you look through the eyes of the wall /lattice/
  • When seeing off a distant guest, offers a sample of milk and dairy products
  • There is a beautiful custom of dripping milk on the pedals when people ride on something far away.

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