Central Mongolia Tour

  • Duration: 7 days tour
  • Availability: Four seasons
  • Begin and end: Ulaanbaatar city
  • Tour type: Central Mongolia Tour
  • Price: 1200$ p/p

Our highlights

  • Explore the historical sites of Kharkhorin and Erdene Zuu Monastery.
  • Experience the natural beauty of the Orkhon Valley and Tövkhön Monastery.
  • Enjoy activities such as camel riding at Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes.
  • Immerse in the traditional nomadic culture of Mongolia.


Central Mongolia is a region of stunning landscapes, historical significance, and rich cultural heritage. This tour offers a blend of natural beauty, ancient history, and traditional Mongolian lifestyle. Travelers can explore ancient capitals, scenic valleys, and experience the nomadic way of life.

During the central Mongolia tour, you will travel the semi-desert, visit the central Mongolian mountain steppes and part of northern Mongolian forested mountains with crystal clear water rivers, freshwater lakes, flower carpeted lands and basalt covered valleys. For you, every day will be interesting and surprising.

The landscape is ever-changing and reveals beauty in different ways every day. Another highlight of the tour is visiting as many nomad families as you wish to observe first-hand the uniqueness of traditional nomadic life and feel the heartwarming hospitality of your hosts, who are not informed in advance but always welcome visitors warmly.

There are abundance of potential nomad hosts as this part of Mongolia is more populated by nomad families than the other areas. A nomadic family stay is included to make your Mongolian holiday more authentic and experiential.


Day 1: Ulaanbaatar

  • Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.
  • Visit Sukhbaatar Square and the National Museum of Mongolia.
  • Overnight in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin (Karakorum)

  • Drive to Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire.
  • Visit the Erdene Zuu Monastery, built in 1585, and explore the museum showcasing artifacts from the Mongol Empire.
  • Overnight in a ger camp.

Day 3: Kharkhorin to Orkhon Valley

  • Drive to the Orkhon Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Visit the Orkhon Waterfall and explore the scenic landscapes of the valley.
  • Experience traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and overnight in a ger camp.

Day 4: Tövkhön Monastery

  • Visit the Tövkhön Monastery located on the Shiveet Ulaan Mountains.
  • Enjoy a hike to the monastery, which offers stunning views of the surrounding forests and mountains.
  • Return to the ger camp for overnight.

Day 5: Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes

  • Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai, a unique area of sand dunes, mountains, and rivers.
  • Enjoy camel riding and explore the sand dunes.
  • Overnight in a ger camp near the dunes.

Day 6: Hustai National Park

  • Visit Hustai National Park, home to the reintroduced Przewalski’s horse (Takhi).
  • Explore the park and spot wildlife including deer, marmots, and various bird species.
  • Return to Ulaanbaatar for overnight.

Day 7: Ulaanbaatar

  • Visit the Gandan Monastery, the largest and most significant monastery in Mongolia.
  • Free time for shopping and exploring the city.
  • Departure from Ulaanbaatar.

Tour Price Includes

  • Accommodation (hotels in Ulaanbaatar, ger camps in rural areas)
  • Meals (full board during the tour)
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation (comfortable vehicle with driver)
  • Entrance fees to all attractions and parks.

Tour price excludes

  • Personal needs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratitude
  • Optional activities

Tour details:

          The packing list is based on the time of year. Please dress according to the weather forecast. Make sure your camera and mobile phone are fully charged. Please also bring a day pack with the following items: sunglasses, fresh water, sunscreen, waterproof jacket, hand sanitiser, toiletries. And please have some cash in case you want to go shopping or buy souvenirs.

This is a city tour, not a wilderness tour. There are plenty of places to go to the toilet. But please let your guide know in advance. Sometimes in traffic it can be difficult to find and stop for the toilet, so please make sure you go to the toilet before you get in the car. Thank you very much.

During the tour you will visit the places that are famous to the locals and are an important part of the city’s culture.

We are responsible for picking you up at the time we have arranged. We are responsible for visiting the places and seeing the attractions that we have mentioned on our itinerary. We are responsible for guiding you with pleasure and giving you a great city tour.

We are not responsible for any unplanned inconvenience during the tour. We are not responsible for the traffic in the city and finally we are not responsible for the bad weather conditions that you have to be prepared for in advance.

 Our guide is a tour leader, we kindly ask you to follow his/her instructions and respect his/her job. Please do not hurt the feelings of the locals and respect their traditions.

Please be prepared for the trip and get ready on time.

Please remember that we are happy to meet you and it is our pleasure to guide you today.  It is going to be a great day, so please enjoy your trip

Please check the weather forecast once you have chosen your tour date. And try to pack an extra jacket for the evenings.

We kindly ask you to pay a deposit to confirm your trip.

The remein balance can be paid 7 days before the start of the tour (but we are very flexible with payment terms)

Here is our cancellation policy that we recommend our clients follow.

Cancelling the tour within more than 2 months, 50% of your deposit payment will be reinbussed

Cancelling the tour less than one month, the deposit payment will not be reinbussed

The Central Mongolia Tour does not include accommodation.

This is a fully guided day tour where you will be accompanied by local guides. We take pride in showing you our beautiful city. We have an experienced driver and a comfortable vehicle.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional meals. If you are vegetarian or vegan please let us know in advance. There is a wide choice of meals so we hope you will enjoy the traditional meals. In the evening we will take you to one of the best restaurants in town.

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