The Mongolian horse is perhaps the most important symbol of our nation. Mongolians have been riding horses for centuries, and they are an essential part of our culture and history.

Our horses are different than other breeds – they are smaller, but much more endurance to the weather and can live longer.

naadam horse raceing
Naadam Festival Horse racing

They are also very strong and able to travel long distances. Mongolian horses are considered some of the best in the world, and because of that, they are very expensive. We use them for riding, racing, and as a source of food.

How many horses do Mongols have?

They are a part of who we are, and we will continue to cherish them for many years to come.


So you can see horses in Mongolia everywhere. In the countryside, or in cities there are many horses you can face it. In 2021, Mongolia has 4.324.444 horses all around a big country.

The Most Famous Horse Statue in Mongolia

Even you can see many horse statues. Example:

genghis khan statue
Chinggis Khan complex
square of Ulaanbaatar
Sukhbaatar Square

Difference Mongolian horse

In Mongolia, horses can live in harsh weather like -30 degrees or blizzards. The Mongolian horse is very special to Mongolian people. And they find their food themselves.

The Mongolian horse is eating grass, and drinking water from the river. Mongolian horses can also find food in the snow. So they are very different than other animals.

mongolian man with trained eagle 2021 08 26 23 57 37 utc 1

Horse Fermented Milk

Mongolian beverage Airag is made of Mongolian horses’ fermented milk. It is a national drink and only Mongolians can make it. Airag has been made since Mongolian nomadic times. And it still continues in our modern life.


Racing Horse in Naadam festival

You can see many Mongolians riding a horse in the countryside or celebrating their Naadam festival on horseback every year. In Mongolia, children are raised with their horse close.

And when they aged 3 to 4 years old they start learning to ride a horse. Mongolians believe that the horse is not just an animal but they are like a family member.

boy riding a horse in a beautiful scenic view of n 2021 08 26 23 57 37 utc 1

Children can enroll Naadam festival when they are 4-7 years old. Nowadays it’s so risky to compete in horseback riding.

But Mongolians didn’t give up their tradition and they find the solution to make it safer for children. So the Mongolian government makes a special Naadam festival for children every year in the countryside.

Mongolian Horse body structure

Mongolian horse height is about 140-160 cm and weight is about 350-380 kg. Mongolian horses’ body structure is very special because they can run on the steppe for a long time.

Mongolian horse speed is about 50-60 km per hour. Mongolian horses have a lot of energy and they are very fast. Horses are racing between 15-25 kilometers.

herd of wild horses in the desert 2022 05 25 01 46 19 utc 1

The Mongolian horse has four seasons of fur. In the winter their fur is thick and long to protect them from the cold weather. In the summer their fur is short and thin to protect them from the hot weather. Mongolian horses are very special because they can adapt to any environment.

History of Mongolian horses

Mongolian ancestors used to fight on the horseback and they were very successful in their battles. That is why Mongolians started to train their children to ride a horse since ancient times.

pexels arthouse studio 4321510 1 scaled

The Mongolian horse played an important role in our history, and they will continue to do so for many years to come. In ancient times people can fight professionally with their horses. Especially Mongolians can arch on the horseback.

So we always train to grab something from the ground. Even now Mongolian horsemen can show their skills in archery on the horseback.

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