The saddle and stirrups are two of the most important elements in horseback riding. The saddle allows the rider to better distribute his weight, while the stirrups make it easier for him to climb on the horse’s back and control the animal with his feet.

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These items have evolved over time, and their improvement has been an important advance, especially in the military field. Without them, riders would not be able to travel as far or control their horses as easily. Thanks to these elements, horseback riding has become a much more efficient way to travel and fight!

What is the difference in Mongolian Saddle?

Mongolian horse saddles are not like your typical Western saddle. They are designed to be very comfortable for long hours of riding and are considered to be one of the most comfortable types of saddles available.

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Mongolian horse saddles are also very lightweight, which is perfect for use on Mongolian ponies who are smaller than average. The Mongolian pony is a hardy breed that is known for its endurance, and the Mongolian horse saddle is designed to help the rider stay comfortable during long hours in the saddle.

If you are looking for a saddle that will provide you with comfort and support during long hours of riding, then a Mongolian horse saddle is the perfect choice for you.

Mongolian Saddle is sacred object

Mongolians have a strong cultural connection to horses, and the saddle is an important part of this connection. For Mongolians, the saddle is more than just a piece of equipment used for riding.

It is a symbol of power and prestige, and it is often passed down from generation to generation. Mongolian horse saddles are also incredibly intricate and beautiful, with colorful embroidery and detailed beading.

In Mongolian culture, the horse saddle is not only a symbol of wealth and status, but also a work of art. For Mongolians, the horse saddle is a source of pride and a reflection of their rich cultural heritage.

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