Mongolian meats are popular in Mongolian cuisine. Mongolia is a largely rural country, and the traditional diet is based on livestock farming. This means that mutton, beef, goat meat, horse meat, and camel meat are all common items on the Mongolian menu.

Mongolian meat mutton

While you can find all of these meats at restaurants in the city, they are most often enjoyed traditionally: as a single full meal in the evening. Mongolians usually eat their meat with rice or noodles and often accompany it with vegetables and milk tea or a sour milk drink called airag. So next time you’re in Mongolia, don’t hesitate to try the local cuisine – it’s sure to be a delicious experience!

What meat do Mongolians eat?

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Mongolians eat:

  • beef
  • mutton
  • horse meat
  • goat meat
  • camel

We usually have a single full meal per day, in the evening. Common dishes include mutton and beef stew, fried mutton, and rice with mutton. Horse meat is considered a delicacy and is usually given to honored guests. Camel meat is also eaten occasionally.

1. Mutton is the most Common

Mutton is the most common meat in Mongolian cuisine. mutton stews, mutton dumplings, and fried mutton are all popular dishes. Rice and noodles are often served with mutton dishes. Everywhere you go in Mongolia, you’re sure to find mutton on the menu.

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Most foreign people can not eat mutton very well. Because it includes a lot of fat in mutton. So if you are not used to eating mutton, you will have a hard time. Because it is high in protein and low in unhealthy fats. It is also a good source of vitamins B12 and zinc.

Sheep tail Fact#

Mongolian sheep tail is so special. You can find long big tailed sheep only in Mongolia. The sheep tail contains a powerful secret.

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  • Brain development: Mongolia’s top secret is that they feed babies sheep tails very early age. We believe that children will get smarter when they eat the tails of sheep.
  • Anemia: Helpful for people with anemia. Sheep tail also has a lot of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are important for healthy bones and teeth.
  • The sheep tail fat is considered the best medicine for arthritis pain.

2. Beef, The Best one

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Beef is also common meat in Mongolian cuisine. Beef stews and fried beef are popular dishes, and beef is often served with rice or noodles. But beef is more expensive than others. Because it includes a lot of protein and minerals also rich in B12 vitamins.

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Mongolian Beef is a very special taste. The beef is very tender and juicy. It’s also less greasy than other types of beef. Mongolian cows grow up in wild nature. They feed on grass and plants on their own. That’s why Mongolian meats are effective on humans’ bodies.

In addition, Mongolians make borts, which is air-dried meat. It’s a very popular snack in Mongolia.

3 Horsemeat, It’s hot be careful

The Qazi is the most popular horse meat. It is usually reserved for honored guests. Horse meat is high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy choice.

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But we eat horse meat only in winter to survive harsh winters. The horse meat is kind of ”hot”, and therefore suitable for the winter months. It’s rich in protein meat can help people keep warm.

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If you eat this meat in summer, you will probably side effects like headache, tiredness, and so on.

Horsemeat is also used in traditional Mongolian medicine. Horse meat soup is considered a cure for colds and flu.

4. Goat meat, the best time in Spring

Goat meat is also common in Mongolian cuisine. Goat stews and fried goat are popular dishes, and goat meat is often served with rice or noodles. Goat meat is served to Mongolian people the same as mutton.

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Difference between mutton, its taste, nutrition, and cost. Goat meat has a cool quality protein that is easily absorbed and has a structure that expels fluid from the human body. Fats are composed of acids that freeze quickly. Because of that Mongolians eat goat meat only in warm seasons.

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Reason for cool goat meat we have a metaphor. ”Goat meat is tasty when it’s hot” means You need to solve any problems fast when they come up.

Goats feed on flowers in early summer and absorb all the biologically active substances of higher plants. So Mongolians usually eat goat meat in Spring, and Summer time. We consider it very healthy food.

5. Finally Camel meat

Camel meat is not as common as other meats in Mongolian cuisine, but it is still eaten occasionally. Camel meat has the same carbohydrate and sweet content as beef, so it is easy to digest and cool. One of the main indicators of the quality of camel meat is minerals, which are rich in sodium, potassium, and nickel.

FAQ about Mongolian Meats

Do they eat horses in Mongolia?

Horsemeat is eaten in Mongolia, but it is not as common as other meats. Horsemeat is considered to be ”hot”, so it is usually only eaten in winter.

Do Mongols eat raw meat?

No, Mongols do not eat raw meat. All meat is cooked before it is eaten. But one, beef is considered to eat in raw.

Do Mongols eat pork?

yes, but not too much. Pork is not a traditional Mongolian food, but it is becoming more popular as Mongolians become more exposed to Western culture.

Do Mongols eat rice?

Yes, rice can be served in all kinds of Traditional Mongolian food. It is usually served with mutton or beef.

Does Mongolia eat dogs?

No, dogs are not eaten in Mongolia. Dogs are considered to be loyal and helpful animals, so they are not killed for food.

Do Mongolians eat lots of meat?

Yes, Mongolians do eat a lot of meat. In fact, the traditional Mongolian diet is based on meat and dairy products. However, this does not mean that Mongolians only eat meat. Mongolians also enjoy a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains.

What kind of meat do you love most? Let me know in comment below.

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