Mongolian deel is a traditional garment worn by the Mongols. It is a long caftan-like garment that is typically worn with a hat, vest, belt, and boots. The Deel clothing can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, or silk.

Every ethnic group has their own unique style and design when it comes to the Deel, which embodies specific features of their culture and origins in Mongolia.

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Mongolian deel scaled
Traditional dancing style Deel

The Deel was first invented by the Mongols. It started from the Khunnu empire, 2200 years ago.

The deel found there is now kept in the Hermitage of St. Petersburg. The deel continued to change and develop, finding its perfect form in the 13th century, and has been worn by them for centuries.

mongolian deel worn by women
Simple Deel used in Daily life

It is still commonly worn today as the traditional clothing of Mongolia. The deel is often decorated with intricate designs and patterns that are unique to each group or region.

Example: The characteristics of Khalkh people’s robes are that they have a high hem, square lapel, and knee-length sleeves. The other characteristic of Khalkh people’s robes is that older people usually wear brown and bamboo-colored robes.

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Modern style Deel

Young girls wear brightly colored robes as much as possible. As for the pattern, it is not appropriate to wear robes with a golden dragon pattern or a heavy pattern every day. In ancient times, robes with golden dragon embroidery and aqua patterned robes were worn by people of high rank. Ordinary people used daily clothes and no patterned robes.

traditional Mongolian deel
Mongolian deel

We have been using deel clothes for centuries and they are well-known for this traditional attire. It is considered to be a very elegant, stylish, and honorific outfit that is perfect for special occasions or formal events.

Traditional Mongolian Clothing Deel

The Deel is a very comfortable piece of clothing to wear. It is perfect for both cold and hot weather conditions. The Deel can be easily layered with other clothes to adjust to the temperature.

In the cold of Mongolian winter, We wear what is called a dakh, which is made of 6-8 tons of wool. In addition, there are some rules for taking care of deel.

Deel worn by men
Common deel style in Mongolia

If deel made by wool keep the deel in bright sunlight and then scrub it with a brush.

If deel made by silk, It is best to hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. After washing, wrap it in a dry towel to remove excess moisture and keep it away from sunlight.

traditional Deel of Mongolia

Meaning of Deel clothing?

The Mongolian national costume looks great when worn in full. The Mongolians have a beautiful tradition of naming their national clothes as:

Deel clothing
  • Hat of the rising state
  • Belt of the to be a successful state
  • Robes of the developing state
  • Boots of the buttress state
  • Khan state vest.

How to choose the color of the Deel?

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The choice of Mongolian clothing color is related to the environment, climate, land, color of grass, and culture.

In the past, Most people used to make deel in blue, red, green, yellow, and silver colors in the past time, but in modern times, due to the harmony of colors and aesthetics, they are wearing preferred red and, golden Deels.

white deel

Important things involved in making a Mongolian deel:

The main materials are:

– 1 m of fabric (woolen, cotton or silk)

– 1 m of fur

– 2 m of ribbon (Mongolians call it “Emjeer”)

– 1 m of braid

– 4 buttons.

There are 3 basic steps to making a deel:

  1. prepare the main fabric of the Deels
  2. then prepare the ribbon (emjeer)
  3. the most important thing is sewing. Let’s introduce 3 common stitches used to make a Deel. It’s lockstitch, inseam stitch, knot stitch

Fact #1

Parents say to children who have received new deels ”the owner is eternal and the fabric is fragile”. This must be said because it is a Mongolian tradition.

yellow deel

Fact # 2

Deel is very respectful clothing in Mongolia. So you can not walk over the Deel.

blue deel

Fact # 3

Every summer in Mongolia we celebrate Deel Mongol Festival, which is a national holiday. On this day, Mongolians wear their traditional clothing and perform various traditional sports and activities.

yellow deel 2

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