Mongolian cheese, or byaslag, is a traditional cheese made from cow’s, sheep, or yaks. The cheese is white and slightly crumbly, with a mild flavor.

It is often used in Mongolian cooking, in dishes such as fried cheese balls or cheese dumplings. Byaslag is also a popular ingredient in Mongolian salads and soups.

slice byaslag

In addition to its culinary uses, byaslag is also believed to have medicinal properties. Some Mongolians believe that the cheese can help to improve digestion and boost the immune system.

Whether you enjoy it for its flavor or its health benefits, byaslag is a delicious and versatile cheese that is worth trying.

How do you make Byaslag?

The process of making byaslag begins by heating milk to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, kefir is added to the milk and stirred continuously for 30 minutes. After that, the mixture is placed in a cheesecloth-lined colander to drain.

cheese byaslag

Once drained, the curds are transferred to a wooden board and pressed with a weight for two hours. Finally, the byaslag is cut into slices and eaten fresh or dried.

What does Byaslag taste like?

Byaslag has a mild, slightly sour flavor. The texture of byaslag can vary depending on how long it is aged. Fresh byaslag is soft and crumbly, while byaslag that has been dried is harder and more chewy.


How do you eat Byaslag?

There are many ways to enjoy byaslag. It can be eaten fresh, as a snack or appetizer. Byaslag is also a popular ingredient in Mongolian salads and soups. Dried byaslag can be enjoyed with tea or coffee, or used as an ingredient in cooking. No matter how you enjoy it.

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Where to buy Mongolian cheese Byaslag?

You can find Mongolian dairy product byaslag at most Mongolian grocery stores. You can also purchase byaslag online from a variety of retailers. If you are traveling in the countryside, breakfast in a Mongolian herder family is served with byaslag.

Byaslag pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of byaslag is “bye-uh-slawg.”

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