Shagai is Ankle bone game

The ankle bone games are a popular game in Mongolia. It is played with a set of ankle bones from a sheep or goat. The game is thought to date back to the Mongol Empire, when it was played with the ankle bones of horses.

ankle bone game

Today, it is a popular pastime for both children and adults. The game is enhance memory and critical thinking skills. It is also a great way to socialize and have fun with friends.


Playing with anklebones encourages young children to appreciate many cultural concepts such as loving the Mongolian 5 traditional animals, respecting parents and siblings, and valuing friends.

It’s also very beneficial for youngsters’ growth since it encourages both physical and muscular development.

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Mongolian traditional game ‘Shagai’


four difficult, 4 berkh

The four sides of an anklebone are sheep, goat, horse, and camel.

Making all kinds of creatures come up or making the same creatures appear is considered the greatest luck and ability when you throw 4 anklebones and produce all distinct animals.


This is most popular game in Mongolia. The game has many advantages. For example, you can learn about horsemanship, how to achieve success step by step, patience, and how to sit.

In this game, you have to make a row of Horse anklebones. This will be your race road. Then each player chooses their horse and races it to the finish line.

To do this, put away some of your anklebones and throw the rest. The player who threw the bones goes first and moves forward according to how many horses they threw.

four difficult, 4 berkh

If Shagai landed 4 sides meaning each one has differently landed, you can go 4 step.

If they threw no horses, the next player throws the bones and so on. If you finish the anklebone road, you will be the winner. 


This game can be played by any number of people. It helps children learn to count, improve hand mobility, and predict things by predicting their opponents.

ankle bone games

In this game, each player splits the anklebone equally. They will then guess the sum of all the anklebones players are choosing to hold in their hands, as well as their own.

The person who guesses the total count correctly will get the other players’ anklebones. They will play it again till all the anklebones are left with one player.


The game is played with four to ten ankle bones, which are thrown into the air and then caught on the back of the hand. The object of the game is to break as many of the opponent’s ankle bones as possible.

ankle bone game

The game is considered to be a test of strength, speed, and accuracy, and is still popular among Mongolians today.


There are two players. Each player throws anklebones. If a player has a horse turn up, they get 1 point. The first player to get 12 points wins.

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Mongolian traditional game ‘Shagai’


In this game, players play in a clockwise direction. The first player drops 12 anklebones. If they get a horse, they keep the anklebones for themselves. But if they get a camel, they must give their anklebones to the pile.

The player who collects the most horses or collects all the horses is the winner. The player who does not have any horses to give is eliminated.


There will be 9 anklebones, and each player will take turns throwing them. The player who throws the most horses wins, as well as the player with the most anklebones.


Stack all the anklebones in both hands and throw to the mat or floor. Choose from the scattered anklebones and tap or flick only the same anklebone.

if you accidently touch another ankle bone it is over. You only must flick it’s same shape. Then next player start over again and flick to same shapes. The winner who can collect much more ankle bone.


gather around all of the anklebones on the mat or floor. Choose one or two anklebones, and throw them up in the air. Grab as many anklebones as you can from the mat before they land, and then grab the ones you threw up.

If you drop the anklebone or don’t catch it, you don’t get to keep the bones. If you don’t make a mistake, you can play again. Playing with anklebones can help improve your hand movement skills.


Show a any kind of shapes to child. Next, have the children imitate the image using their anklebones. So this way child can make any of shapes. This This technique can help increase your child’s brain function.


melhii uruh game

Mongolian /alag melkhii/ Building turtle game is a traditional bone game that is still played today. The game is played with ankle bones, which are traditionally from sheep or goats.

Each player has four bones, which are marked with symbols. The objective of the game is to score points by throwing the ankle bones and landing them in certain positions.

This is a very special traditional game in Mongolia. During Tsagaan sar holiday children are play this game. The winner is lucky for this year.

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Mongolian traditional game ‘Shagai’

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