Western Mongolia Tour

  • Duration: 9 days tour
  • Availability: June to September is the best season
  • Begin and end: Ulaanbaatar city
  • Tour type: Western Mongolia Tour
  • Price: 2500$ p/p

Our highlights

  • Explore the majestic Altai Mountains.
  • Witness the unique Golden Eagle Festival.
  • Experience the nomadic lifestyle of Kazakh people.
  • Trek through the stunning Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.
  • Visit Potanin Glacier and snow-capped peaks.
  • Ride horses across the vast Mongolian steppe.


Experience the uncharted beauty of Western Mongolia with our exclusive Western Mongolia Tour. Delve into the mesmerizing landscapes of the Altai Mountains, meet the renowned eagle hunters, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of different ethnic groups in the region. This tour promises an adventure of a lifetime, taking you through the rugged terrains and captivating vistas of Western Mongolia.

Our Western Mongolia Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the untamed beauty of the Altai mountain range, engage with the rich culture of Kazakh nomads, and participate in thrilling outdoor adventures. From the towering Altai Mountains to the vast steppes and cultural highlights, this tour encapsulates the essence of Mongolia.

During this tour, you’ll visit the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, where you can witness the majestic snow-capped mountains and the stunning Potanin Glacier. Experience the Golden Eagle Festival, where you will see golden eagles in action and learn about the ancient practice of eagle hunting from the Kazakh people.

Stay with nomadic families in traditional ger camps, and gain insight into their daily lives and traditions. The Correct Mongolia team will guide you through this incredible journey, ensuring a safe and memorable experience. From hiking and trekking in the Altai region to enjoying dinner with a nomadic family, each day offers new adventures and discoveries.

This tour is designed by our UB based company to provide an authentic and immersive experience. Join us to explore the vast Mongolian territory, from the central square of Ulgii town to the remote wilderness of Tavan Bogd National Park. Embrace the adventure of a lifetime in Western Mongolia, where every day brings new discoveries and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re hiking through the mountains, participating in the Golden Eagle Festival, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the steppe, this tour offers an unparalleled experience of Mongolian nature and culture.


Day 1: Arrival in Ulgii Town

  • Arrival: Fly from Ulaanbaatar to Ulgii town, the capital of Bayan Olgii province.
  • Welcome: Meet the Correct Mongolia team at the airport.
  • Acclimatization: Visit the central square and local markets.
  • Dinner: Traditional Kazakh dinner with a local nomadic family.

Day 2: Explore Ulgii and Surroundings

  • Morning: Tour Ulgii town, visiting the local mosque and museum.
  • Afternoon: Ride horses to explore nearby valleys.
  • Evening: Dinner with a Kazakh nomadic family.

Day 3: Journey to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

  • Travel: Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.
  • Camp: Set up base camp at the foot of the Altai Mountains.
  • Dinner: Enjoy a hearty meal at the camp.

Day 4: Hiking to Potanin Glacier

  • Morning: Trek to the Potanin Glacier, the largest in Mongolia.
  • Afternoon: Explore the snow-capped mountains and valleys.
  • Evening: Return to base camp for dinner and rest.

Day 5: Golden Eagle Hunting Experience

  • Morning: Learn about golden eagle hunting from local Kazakh eagle hunters.
  • Afternoon: Observe a live demonstration of eagle hunting.
  • Evening: Return to camp for dinner.

Day 6: Visit Kazakh Nomads

  • Morning: Visit a Kazakh nomadic family to learn about their lifestyle and culture.
  • Afternoon: Participate in traditional Kazakh activities.
  • Evening: Return to camp for dinner and storytelling around the fire.

Day 7: Trekking in the Altai Mountains

  • Morning: Trek through the Altai mountain range.
  • Afternoon: Discover hidden valleys and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Evening: Dinner and overnight at the base camp.

Day 8: Return to Ulgii

  • Morning: Drive back to Ulgii town.
  • Afternoon: Free time to explore the town or rest.
  • Evening: Farewell dinner with the Correct Mongolia team.

Day 9: Departure

  • Morning: Transfer to Ulgii airport for your flight back to Ulaanbaatar.
  • Farewell: End of the Western Mongolia Tour.

Weather: Be prepared for varying weather conditions; bring warm clothes.

Altitude: Some areas are at high altitudes (up to 3000 meters above sea level).

Tour Price Includes

  • Accommodation: Stays in ger camps and with nomadic families.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.
  • Transport: Transfers and transportation within the tour.
  • Guides: Experienced local guides and eagle hunters.
  • Activities: Horse riding, trekking, and cultural experiences.
  • Entry Fees: National park and museum entry fees.

Tour price excludes

  • Flights: International and domestic flights to and from Ulgii.
  • Insurance: Travel insurance is not included.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal purchases or additional activities not listed.

Tour details:


Warm clothes and layers for varying temperatures.Comfortable trekking and horse-riding gear.Personal hygiene items and any necessary medications.A camera to capture the stunning landscapes and cultural moments.

Ger Camps: Basic facilities available at campgrounds.

Nomadic Stays: Outdoor facilities as per nomadic traditions.

During the tour you will visit the places that are famous to the locals and are an important part of the city’s culture.

Ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.Provide knowledgeable guides and quality equipment.Arrange accommodations, meals, and activities as per the itinerary.

Respect local customs and traditions.Follow the guidance of your tour guides.Prepare adequately for varying weather and physical activities.

Please check the weather forecast once you have chosen your tour date. And try to pack an extra jacket for the evenings.

We kindly ask you to pay a deposit to confirm your trip.

The remein balance can be paid 7 days before the start of the tour (but we are very flexible with payment terms)

Here is our cancellation policy that we recommend our clients follow.

Cancelling the tour within more than 2 months, 50% of your deposit payment will be reinbussed.

Cancelling the tour less than one month, the deposit payment will not be reinbussed.

Ger Camps: Authentic Mongolian yurts in national parks.

Nomadic Family Stays: Experience the hospitality of Kazakh nomads.

Breakfast: Traditional Mongolian and Kazakh breakfasts.

Lunch: Packed lunches during treks and travel days.

Dinner: Hearty dinners featuring local cuisine, including a special farewell dinner.

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