The gorge of “Bodonch”

The gorge the called of “Bodonchiin khavtsal” is one of the Mongolian majestic nature. Goes through this gorge to go to Altai, Uyench and Bulgan village. These villages are 300-400km away from Khovd province and are located along the state border.

How long is the gorge road?

Bodonch Gorge is 80 km long and has many beautiful natural formations such as sharp turns, majestic rocky mountains, river, wild animals and plants.

Paved road was laid in 2015. Before that, it used to take 18-24 hours to go through this canyon. Because road was very difficult with many rocks and more than 90  ferries cross the gorge. Now only takes 2 hours since the road was laid. But still the local nomadic people move with traditional camels.

The nomadic life:

IMG 6484 2

This road is part of the road that connects the borders of Russia and China. It can be said that it is a road that connects 3 countries.

The gorge was named after the river, because a river named Bodonch flows in the middle of the gorge. River has clear and strong current. Nomadic local people live along the river raising livestock. This is also something to interesting.

The Bodonch river:

IMG 6621

Khovd province is unique in that it consists of different ethnic groups with different customs. They made dairy products in different way. Local people say that the grass of this gorge is rich in medicinal plants. Of course , dairy products are so quality.

Everyone who has passed through this gorge is amazed at how majestic and beautiful.

Road of gorge:

IMG 6622

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