• chinggis vodka goldpalted

    Chinggis vodka

    • Alcohol content: 51%
    • Started production: 2015
    • Packaging: 1000ml
  • Mongolian milk vodka

    Shiguderi Mongolian Traditional Milk Vodka


    The main ingredient of the Shiguderi vodka is liquid raw cow’s milk. Milk is a valuable biological product that contains an optimal amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. The quality of raw milk directly depends on how herders and farmers meet the hygiene and sanitation requirements during the initial stages of milk production….

  • Traditional-Vodka

    Traditional Luxury Milk Wine


    It is extracted from yak’s milk curd in combination with modern technology, and it is filtered and purified by multi-stage filters. Size and alcoholic content: 500 ml, 18% Allergens: Milk Usage directions: Food,Health Ingredients: Yak milk, water Variation: In some cases the photo of the product displayed on this page can be slightly different from the…