• Aarmmend Golden Tea


    Specifications Age Group: Adult Sex: Male/female Type: Black Tea Country: China General color: Speckled Style & Purpose: Not allergic Additional information A gift that symbolizes health “Amar Mend” golden flower brown tea, exquisite and soft leaves picked from the top of the mountain only once a year. Classy and rare precious tea. The method of breeding…

  • Belt With Silver Decoration


    Specifications Sex: Male Age group : Adult Metal: Silver Design: Solid Metal Samples: 22 carats General Color: Silvery Additional information Belt with silver decoration, horse pattern, Black deep-processed leather, 120-130 cm.

  • Big Hand King Chess


    Specifications Style & Purpose: Commemorative Type: Chess Interest: A Historical Event Age group: Adult Sex: Male/female General Color: Speckled Additional information ABOUT ROYAL CHESS: The main symbol of this chess is a work of art based on the history of the 13th century, the peak of Mongolian history, between Great Emperor Chinggis and Gur Khan…

  • Eight Gift Package


    Specifications 400 ml rim size: 15.5 cm 400 ml high: 6.5 cm 400 ml cup weight: 250 gr 200 ml rim size: 12 cm 200 ml high: 5 cm 200 ml cup weight: 150 gr Additional information “EIGHT PRIESTS” style gift set Bowl Size of the rim of the cup : 15.5 cm; Height: 6.5…

  • Fermenter – Center


    Specifications Material |Base |: Brass and Zinc Alloy Material | Sun |: Porcelain Collection: Center Product Weight: Sun / With lid / 7,210 g Base 2,130 g Product Size: Table / Base / 34 cm x 32.3 cm x 40 cm Base 34 cm x 27.5 cm x 15 cm / Length x Width x…

  • Genghis Khan Badge


    Specifications Size: 27x36mm Metal: Money Metal Samples: 999 /24 Carat Weight 15.5 +/-5% gr Additional information It was created for the 860th anniversary of the birth of the great lord Chinggis Khan. The price is forgotten and the LEGACY lives on… Made of steel with perfect accuracy and cutting-edge technology at the Russian Coin and…

  • Golden Ger Set


    Specifications Age Group: Adult General Color: Brown Additional information A set product with a Mongolian case with a golden frame It includes: Golden Mongolian home candlestick Golden Mongolian home fragrance vase Golden Mongolian home decoration box Golden Mongolian home napkin base 2 pieces of golden Mongolian salfekan rings Comes with gift box and greeting card.

  • Mimo Case G20


    Specifications Age Group: Child Sex: Male/female Additional information Materials: Food-grade plastic, felt, cloth Size and weight: MiMo case G20 model has a diameter of 20 cm and consists of 50 parts. The weight of the box is 400 g, the size of the box is 25*20*7 cm. Features and advantages of the game — Made in Mongolia: Naad brand “MiMo”…

  • Mongolia Rooster


    Specifications Capacity: 500 ml Diameter Of The Rim: 130mm Height: 62mm The weight of the Cup: 120 +/-4% gr Material: Polycarbonate Box Size: 145x65x190mm Additional information Crossing rivers and mountains, overcoming heat and cold, snow, rain, and windstorms, using sharp swords and bows, Mongolian nomads who established the Mongol Empire in the world, the Cups…

  • mug mazaalai

    Mug /Made with Love/


    Specifications Sex: Male/Female Size : 350 ml Material: Porcelain Type: Silver and porcelain cup Color: Brown, blue, red Additional information The mug contains pictures of endangered animals. /Cadmium and lead free/

  • Queen Towel


    Specifications Style & Purpose: Accessories Age Group : Adult Metal Samples: 24 Carats Sex: Woman Type: Neck Scarf Season: All Seasons Material: Silk Collection: Queen Product Weight: 60 gr Product Size: 90 cm x 90 cm Box Weight: 310 gr Box Size: 31 cm x 31 cm x 3 cm ( Length x Width x…

  • Silver and porcelain cup


    Sex: Male/Female Age group : Adult Metal Samples: 24 Carats Type: Silver and porcelain cup General Color: Variegated color Additional information hand made: 100% handmade It is a collection of silver-plated porcelain cups with three types of pictures. It includes famous pictures such as one day of Mongolia, one day of the world, and the…

  • Silver Bamboo Bowl With Main Handle


    Specifications Sex: Male/Female Age group : Adult Metal Samples: 24 Carats Type: Silver Bowl Weight: 916gr General Color: Silvery Additional information Silver bamboo bowl with main handle, wire braid design, golden shards, hand made: 100% handmade Natural jade, lapis lazuli, green, coral inlay For daily tea drinking, eating, and souvenirs Silver content: 916 grams (24.4…

  • Silver Saddle Complete With Low (Chubby) Flea


    Specifications Sex: Male Age group : Adult Metal Samples: 24 carats General Color: Silvery Type: Saddle Weight: 2784gr Additional information Silver Saddle – Low (chubby) Flea Saddle Tree: Made of Birch (hardened). Hand-engraved on the front and back flaps, with motifs engraved on each cover. Scratched (with oil varnish) Golem: Cowhide golem, inlaid with sari. Hand Needle Stitched…

  • Silver saddle low flea, women, complete


    Specifications Sex: Male Age group : Adult Metal Samples: 24 carats Country: China General Color: Silvery Type: Saddle Weight: 2958.3gr Additional information Low Flea, Female, Engraved Complete Silver Saddle 999/24K with Silver Bridle, Whip, and Base, Cast Made, 78.9 Lakhs (2958.3g) of Silver Birch Wood, Sage, Steel, Brass, 999/960 Specimen 2958.3g of Silver, Gold

  • Silver Snuff And Jade


    Specifications Sex: Male Age group : Adult Material: Silver Material: Silver A Precious Stone: Jasper Metal: Silver Design: Solid Metal Samples: 925 Specimens General Color: Natural Stone Type: Silvery The Shape Of The Gemstone: Fine Round Additional information EXPLANATION OF THE PORTRAIT: The four mighty (dragon, dragon, lion, and tiger) pattern symbolizes strong power, courage,…

  • Silver Snuff Pills


    Specifications Sex: Female Age group : Adult Material: Silver Size: 8.5cm General Color: Silvery Additional information FEMALE PORTRAIT DESCRIPTION #Horol pattern: A symbol of peace and strength #Berry flower: Mongolians have long respected it as a symbol of good health and peace without wars, and in 2014, it was chosen as the flower of national…

  • The Queen T-Shirts


    Specifications Style & Purpose: Tops Age Group : Adult Metal Samples: 24 Carats Sex: Male/Female Type: Free t-shirt Season: All seasons Material: Cloth Dedication: Daily General Color: White Additional information Because it is 100% cotton, it will not cause allergies to the human body, it will not cause lice, it will not fade when washed…