Mongolia Rooster


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500 ml

Diameter Of The Rim: 130mm
Height: 62mm
The weight of the Cup: 120 +/-4% gr
Material: Polycarbonate
Box Size: 145x65x190mm
Additional information
Crossing rivers and mountains, overcoming heat and cold, snow, rain, and windstorms, using sharp swords and bows, Mongolian nomads who established the Mongol Empire in the world, the Cups of the Mongolian Nomads’ Campaign are represented by the Five Eyes of the East, representing the five bodies of Water, Fire, Wood, Iron, and Earth. Designed by the brand’s design team, it is manufactured and presented in 🇲🇳Italy in a very light but strong modern technology .🇮🇹
Each member of the family chooses 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦their own 🎨color and is designed to hold.
One of the textiles that was very popular in the luxury of Mongolian kings and nobles, and has been preserved in a large number of archeological finds today, is #büsnyi “or #ayany_tagsh “. These bowls, made of gold and silver and decorated with beautiful patterns, were objects that indicated the status of their owner due to their materials and design. It cannot be denied that Mongolians value the ancient proverb “If you live, you will drink water from a golden cup”, it is related to this usage. It was a tradition to put Ayan’s tag in a special leather or silk bag and carry it on the left side of the belt, and there are also many versions with a chain and a turban, which is double proof.
Today, researchers have established that during the Pax Mongolica era, Mongolian styles were widespread in art and crafts, and the traditional aesthetic thinking and patterns of the nomads were incorporated into many works of that time. The great emperors of Mongolia commissioned works and exotic items from artists and craftsmen in the vast space from the Pacific Ocean to the Adriatic Sea, reflecting their aesthetics and worldview from consumer goods to religious tankas and sculptures.
In the Mongolian style of tagshin, Mongolian motifs, mythical dragons, and animal style of nomads are often incorporated. Later, when the GOLDEN PALACE COUNTRY became Islamic, Islamic craft patterns were also reflected in these cups.
It is clear why this cup with its unique oriental shape and design has become popular among Mongolians. This cup is easy to carry and convenient to use at the banquet table for mixing fermented beer and wine. The smooth yet strong, light, mobile, and modular qualities of any object are the most valued characteristics for nomads who spend most of their lives on long journeys and on horseback. For them, the ideal shape to drink directly from clear river water from horseback is this style of “belt” cup.

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