Mongolian Flag Meaning

The Mongolian flag has a long and colorful history. It is made up of three equal stripes, red on each side and blue in the middle. The red color represents prosperity and progress. The blue represents the eternal blue sky. The national symbol Soyombo is featured prominently on the hoist side of the flag.

Mongolian flag

This emblem has a deep significance for the people of Mongolia. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating flag!

When did Mongolia change their flag?

The Mongolian flag was first adopted in 1911 after independence was declared from the Chinese. The flag underwent several changes over the years before it was finally adopted as the official flag of Mongolia on February 12th, 1992.

mongolia flag

What is Soyombo Symbol

The Soyombo symbolizes the freedom and independence of the Mongolian people. It is composed of several elements that have deep meaning for the Mongolian people. The Soyombo symbol, which is depicted on the national flag, was created by Zanabazar in 1686. He was the first Bogd of Mongolia.

flag Mongolia
  • Fire
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Spear
  • Vertical Rectangles
  • Yin Yang /two fish/
  • Wall

The Fire: Its three prongs symbolized Past, Present, and Future times. It is meaning for thriving and, development of the country.

The Sun and Moon: are representing the blue sky which means people’s power and rising

The Spear: is the shape of an arrow pointing downward, which means the country will win over the enemies.

Two Vertical Rectangles: is a symbol of the honest, justice, upright foundation of the country

Yin Yang /fish/: is a symbol of balance and never blinking the eye like fish means be careful, never sleep when enemies come in.

The Wall: meaning Mongolian people are united for their country, it will be stronger than an iron wall.

Soyombo symbol means that the people of Mongolia will rise like fire, shine like the sun and the moon forever, be as sharp and straight as an arrow, as strong as armor, be as swift as yin yang /fish/, and march forward in abundance.

Mongolia Flag Colors /CMYK/

Mongolian national symbol Red background:

  • R218 G32 B50
  • C 010%
  • M 100%
  • Y 090%
  • K 000%
red color

Eternal Blue Sky color

  • R0 G102 B179
  • C 100%
  • M 60%
  • Y 000%
  • K 000%
blue color

Golden Yellow Color

  • R255 G212 B0
  • C 000%
  • M 15%
  • Y 100%
  • K 000%
yellow color

The Mongolian Flag Timeline

150px Flag of Bogd Khaanate Mongolia.svg
Mongolia flag 1911-1920
150px Flag of China %281912%E2%80%931928%29.svg
Mongolia flag 1920-1921
150px Flag of Bogd Khaanate Mongolia.svg
Mongolia flag 1921-1924
150px Flag of the Mongolian People%27s Republic %281924%E2%80%931940%29.svg
Soyombo Symbol starting from 1924-1940
150px Flag of the Mongolian People%27s Republic %281940%E2%80%931945%29.svg
Mongolia flag 1940-1945
150px Flag of the Mongolian People%27s Republic %281945%E2%80%931992%29.svg
Flag of the Mongolian people’s republic 1945-1992
Mongolian flag
Flag of Mongolia Today

Places where the National Flag of Mongolia is permanently hoisted

  • The Government
  • The Mongolian president’s room
  • The central office room of Provinces, capital, sum and, district
  • Diplomatic missions of Mongolia
  • Mongolian representative offices abroad
flag of Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked country bordered between Russia and China. It is a country with a rich culture and history. The Mongolian flag is a symbol of this proud nation.

Do you have any questions or comments about the Mongolian flag? Let us know in the comments below!

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