If you want to visit 13th century Mongolia and eat, live, and act like the ancient Mongolians, this park is the one location you shouldn’t overlook.

“Mongolian 13th Century Theme Park” is an old micro kingdom from the 13th century located 98 km from Ulaanbaatar city. The lively atmosphere and unforgettable Mongolian experiences will leave you with lasting memories.

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The “13th century” complex is designed to provide the feeling of a real-life of 13th century using tourist attractions such as ger camps, farms, statues, and traditional entertainment areas.

Within this tiny realm, televisions, electricity, and phones are not permitted to provide the visitors with an authentic visit to the 13th century.

By visiting the camp, tourists will be able to view Mongolian artwork and calligraphy, learn how to write in traditional Mongolian scripts, and dine as kings and queens did back in the day.

They can also practice archery or horse training/riding skills. If they would prefer a more relaxed experience though, they can just sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery and blue skies.

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If you love gazing at the stars, then you’ll definitely want to come here for a visit. The night sky is something special to behold, and because there are no city lights around, the view is even more spectacular. I highly recommend it!

Currently, there are six different camps and tribes in the complex, and you usually need to drive between the camps. But in some cases, trekking over rocky and uneven terrain is required. As a result, double-check that your footwear is appropriate for the activity.

6 camps of the 13th century them park

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Relay-Station Camp: 

This camp is situated at the entrance. The guards inspect customers’ tickets in the reception station, and the servants will lead and guide the tourists to the next camp.

Craftsmen Camp: 

The works of the blacksmiths and artisans from the thirteenth century Mongolian are extremely popular throughout the globe. You may observe the craftsmen’s work such as horse hold utensils, women’s ornaments, jewelry, weapons, and tools while in the craftsmen sector.


Keep an eye on all of the tiny details inside and outside of this complex because they’re all handcrafted. Their carpets made out of woolen felt, handmade Mongolian rugs, and ornaments will astonish you.

Educational Camp:

You will be able to learn about the distinct culture of literacy, traditional methods of teaching their children and future generations, as well as the young by visiting this camp. Furthermore, tourists and visitors may take part in Mongolian calligraphy practices and a variety of Mongolian scripts.

Herder’s Camp: 

If you want to experience Mongolia during the thirteenth century, you have plenty of options available to you. You can learn about the everyday lives of herders, and see how they breed their animals and produce dairy products.

13th century camp

You can also watch horse trainers at work and even try your hand a catching one yourself with a lasso pole. Or if you prefer, you could simply ride around on a horse or camel and take in the sights and sounds of this fascinating time period.

Shaman’s Camp: 

The shamans from various clans in Mongolia get together to form a circle around the bonfire and carry out a ritual to honor nature and their gods. They do this with the hope of achieving one shared goal.

There are countless ways that different shamans might choose to worship, 33 heavens for example, or by building cairns. If you’re interested in seeing this extensive but magical event for yourself, you can make a reservation ahead of time. And if you want your fortune told while you’re there, feel free to walk right up to any shaman’s ger (home).

King’s Palace: 

The main attraction point of the XIII Century Theme Park is the 24 tribes’ flags, symbolizing Genghis Khan’s history uniting these 24 tribes and establish the Great Mongolian Empire. You will also learn about statecraft during the XIII century for Mongols.


All traditional governmental duties such as declaring laws and holding forums are carried out at this camp location. Additionally, in the King’s Palace there choice of different programs and receptions while you sit back and relax with traditional food choices–all available upon request reservation.

A voyage into the past, this theme park is incredible for anyone interested in learning more about Mongolian history and culture.

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