Queen Alan gua Legend

Queen Alan Gua had five sons, but none of them got along with the others. The queen was at a loss as to how to resolve her siblings’ conflicts. Then she called her children together and handed each of them an arrow.

alangua queen

She instructed them to smash the arrow, and they all succeeded immediately. She then gathered five arrows and asked them to smash it, but none were able. “Sons, you are like these arrows,” she said. “If you are on your own, you will break easily. But when you are together, you are unbreakable.

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This is a great story where you can draw many different lessons in communication, leadership and conflict resolution, and most importantly, solidarity and unity.

By understanding the story of Queen Alan Gua and her five sons, we can better understand the importance of communication, teamwork, and unity in our own lives.

Who is Alan gua in ancient Mongolian History

“Alan Gua” mythical figure is mentioned in the Secret history Book of Mongolia as an ancestor of Genghis Khan. The legend goes that Alan Gua was the great mother of the 11th generation of the Mongol family.

Alan Gua’s husband was killed and she was forced to take care of her husband’s five sons on her own. Her five sons birthed the various Mongol clans.

The Five son’s name in Mongolian secret history:

  • Begünütei
  • Belgünüte
  • Bukha Khatagi
  • Bukhatu-Salji
  • Bodonchir Munkhag

Bodonchir Munkhag is an ancestor of the Genghis Khan.

Fact 1

Alangua that we called Alungoo. So Alungoo is a common name in Mongolia. There is 157 person have named АЛУНГОО /Alungoo/ in Mongolia, 2022.

Fact 2

Alangua had five sons, all with different fathers. We don’t know who Bodonchir munkhag’s father is according to the secret history book of Mongolia.

Fact 3

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